Grand prix du Mexique 1968 - Johnny Servoz-Gavin, Jean-Claude Killy et Jean Seberg - sport auto N° 83 décembre 1968

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The attributes of charm, according to Deborah (X)

   “Thoughtfulness is displayed in those who think about another’s feelings before their own in whatever they do or say. A thoughtful person would never be guilty of a remark detrimental to another’s character — or an act that would hurt someone else either mentally or physically.”
   This trait of character was amply demonstrated by Deborah, during the making of Bonjour Tristesse, when director Otto Preminger, regretting having cast Jean Seberg, was constantly unpleasant to her and insulting her.
   “I couldn’t stand it, when he was absolutely ranting and raving at poor little Jean Seberg. I said, ‘Please, Otto, do you have to shout at the poor little girl like that? She seems to be taking it all right but I’m not. I cannot work with this kind of atmosphere. I’m terribly sorry, but I just can’t.’” (Deborah Kerr)

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Deborah, about Jean Seberg (13.11.1938 - 30.08.1979):

"I formed a very deep respect for the quiet strength with which she put up with all the extravagant publicity that had been forced on her by her discovery and the lashing she took from the critics. This strength was also apparent in her coping with Otto [Preminger], who turns into a demon when directing. At least he did on Bonjour Tristesse as far as Jean was concerned. I think any other woman would have collapsed in tears or just walked out. But she calmly took all the berating and achieved a very interesting and true Sagan-type heroine."

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Trainspotting photo No. 40 identified by Kita Iqbal as:

In the French Style | Robert Parrish | 1963

Thanks Kita!

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"A bout de souffle"(Breathless)

Jean Seberg

Check out different angle on Instagram!

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'In The French Style'- 1963

This charming film stars Jean Seberg as an American art student studying in Paris, and all of her interesting Parisian experiences as a young woman who is intent on living the ultimate French lifestyle. Jean Seberg’s effortless chic fashion sense, and the French New Wave-esque cinematography makes this obscure film a mandatory must see for all of us who simply adore vintage French style.

The entire film is available to watch on Youtube!

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À bout de souffle (1960) dir.Jean-Luc Godard

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Lobby card for Time out for Love (1961)

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Jean Seberg / Bonjour Tristesse(1958) dir.Otto Preminger

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Breathless (1960) dir. by Jean-Luc Godard:  It’s silly, but I love you. I wanted to see you, to see if I’d want to see you again.”

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